For the years 1920- 1930



July 11 F.& Thos. start this morning soon after 6 o'clock to go with Ford to Tivoli to wedding of Wilford Still at 5 PM. Will Still goes with them and they pick up Carrie (Thompson, Will's sister-in-law) and Carolyn at S'tn. (Smithtown?).
" 12 Folks return from wedding at about 10 o'clock PM having come via Gr. Barrington, Torrington & Bridgeport.
" 24 Mrs. Elnora Benjamin died this evening at Longwood. (Gertrude's step-mother)
" 28 Went to Brentwood surveying lots 523 and 529 that I surveyed 21 yrs. ago. Albert & Will Still went with me.
Aug 16 Printing all day. Albert works on Harry Still's auto.
" 27 A. & I work on Yaphank sch. dist. map. Sophie Butler and Fred Zimmer called and made transfer of Brevoort place PM for $ 2,000.
" 28 I work on maps of Dist. 18 & finish them. T. goes fishing after coming home from Camp.
Sep 11 A., T. & G. start for auto trip through Conn. & Mass, via Bridgeport.
" 12 F.& I slept in bungalow with Elwyn last night.
" 14 Primary election is held in my new annex building. I am an inspector.
" 25 Surveyed Hagen's farm in part.
Oct. 26 A. helps A. Risley overhaul his auto here - they work till after dark.
Nov. 2 Inspector of election in my rear office. Presidential. 206 votes.
Register in October 1920:
Rudolf Wittschack
Angeline T. Smith
Henry Elfers (sp.?)
Percy Still
Lloyd F. Worley
Beulah H. Worley
Charlotte P. Swezey
Grace M. Ayvad
George C. Dickerson
Wm. H. Wycherly
Willard Downs
" 6 Albert works on Adam Bubb's truck.
" 9 Mr. & Mrs. J.H. Randall start for Florida.
" 17 T. is late home, helping get 41st Div., 600 men, started for Camp Meade, Md.
Dec 10 Printing - A. helping. Rec'd word that Hattie Hulse died yesterday at Bellport.
" 16 Albert works shingling on Miller's old house.

Jan. 7 Albert & I work setting frame of extension of office front. (This would add 4 or 5 ft. to the front)
" 22 Surveyed Randall land.

Apr 16 Albert goes to Patch. AM. witness for Tony (prob. Zebrowski) citizenship.

May 25 Mrs. Morrison finishes her term of school and goes home this afternoon.

June 1 Went to P.J. late PM attend 50th anniversary wedding S.S. & E.A. Randall (Richard's cousin Eliza Ann).
" 16 Edward H. Gordon died this PM.
" 18 Funeral of E.H. Gordon at Frank Davis, Swezeytown. Albert drives car for Nellie Prosser and repairs truck for A. Bubb.

July 17 Folks go to Bay Shore and motor boat ride to Fire Island wth Royal Rowland.
" 18 Albert and I went with side car in the hills surveying Daly land all day.
" 20 A. and I surveyed Edw. H. Smith land for Ch. H. Intemann all day.
" 25 A. went to Patch. to work in Motor Mart Garage.
Aug 2 Special school meeting at evening votes 18 to 10 to favor building new school house.
" 11 Surveyed point land at Coram for Salvatore Covati.
" 18 Hattie Davis died at Coram.
" 19 A. quits garage.
" 22 Albert and I survey land for E.H. Smith - 28 acres at Coram.
" 23 Surveyed land for Wm. H. Wycherly this forenoon.
Sept 1 Lumber from Camp is going by in great loads - heavy trucks, smaller trucks, and a few teams.
" 14 J.H. Randall died this morning.
Oct 18 Went to Yaphank PM to attend 50th anniversary of Yaphank Church organization.
Nov 7 Printing all day. A. helps on the press.
" 8 Election inspector - Polled 225 votes.
Register in October 1921: (I believe these are the new registrants)
Kazmir Szuster, M.I.
Chas. Hallock, Coram
Meta Wittschack ( w. of Wm.)
Joseph F. Mazeski
Ernest Chenel
Emily Chenel
Fanny Szuster
" 15 Albert begins work on RR buildings at Camp.
" 23 Surveying for Grant Smith, Coram on old Hammond farm. (on Mill Rd., I think)
" 26 Kaminski and Flora Dixon sign their transfer of farm. (the former King farm opp. church)
Dec. 2 Funeral of Rhoda Swezey.
" 18 R.F. Hawkins died at Yaphank.
" 20 A. is laid off tonight from his Camp job.

Jan 6 Albert works on cars for Mageski and Mrs. Dixon.
" 10 Thos.. is moved into car for an office. Freight house is being demolished.
" 14 Fire at Camp burns the hospital buildings about 18 or 20 - from 9:30 to 1:30 tonight.
" 17 Albert gets his Saxon together and puts body on.
Feb 9 Mrs. Jones (Sophronia) died tonight.
" 20 Artie Randall's wife Nellie died last night.
" 24 John F. Hawkins died at P.J.
" 25 Poultry chores occupy most of the day.
Mar 9 Albert and I went to Selden surveying land for Washington R. Norton, selling to Wendell Still.
" 25 Albert and I surveyed land for Overton - Borella transfer at Coram.
" 30 The transfer of Ruland 30 acres and 2 acres with house, to Bertha Kaminski takes effect at my office this forenoon.
Apr 11 Rec'd word of death of Edwin Hutchinson at Bridgeport today.
" 15 Thos.. closes his office at Camp Upton today - freight activities to be handled from Manor.
May 3 Attended funeral of Smith Thompson PM.
June 1 Thos. begins work as agent at Millers Place Sta.
" 8 Albert and I made the day surveying R.F.H. farm on north side.
" 27 Mrs. Hagen and the DeRycheres pass title this PM.
" 30 Mrs. Ann Swezey died PM.
Aug 13 Gertrude Van Horn died at Fishkill.
" 16 Attneded funeral Arthur Randall at P.J. this PM.
" 21 Albert begins carpentry work on school bldg. at Riverhead.
" 22 Contract with Brenner for 5 acre Hudson lot.
" 25 A.R.R. comes home.
Sept 4 Teachers Mrs. Hastings and Miss Hiltsley board at Mrs. Miller's.
" 20 Surveying and measuring C.A.H. Bartlett farm.
" 26 Rec'd deed from Mrs. Harper for Baylis.
" 30 Printing AM. Surveying Albert Dayton farm PM.
Oct 18 Thos.. begins work with E. Pfeiffer in store.
" 21 Printing AM. Registration PM. I am on board. Albert at Riverhead AM, gets discharged at noon.
Nov 4 Alice Randall goes to Coram PM. To start for Florida first of week.
" 7 Election in my office again. 176 votes cast. Democratic governor gets 3 more than Rep. candidate.
" 8 Folks except Albert and I go to Patch. evening, surprise birthday party for Violet Van Horn whose birthday was yesterday.
" 9 Albert is working on his radio plant.
" 16 Wrote Mrs. Harper and sent her deed to execute.
" 23 Daniel (or David?) M. Gerard came this noon and took the deed to land of Margaret Harper.
" 25 Delivered deed to F.H.Brenner (Elsie) this AM.
Dec 9 DeRyckere's barn burns 3 PM.
" 11 Thos.. goes to Bridgeport to buy fruit - buys an auto - Ford sedan of 1921 model $ 350.
" 17 Funeral of Ida F. Edwards at church 2 PM.

Jan 19 Went to Riverhead on search for H. Schwebes.
" 20 Mr. Joseph N. Hurtin died early this morning or late last night.
" 24 We attended funeral of Mrs. Schneider at church.
Feb 5 Went wth Roswell Baylis to show him bounds on the Elmira Swezey land.
" 9 Mr. Dixon died during last night, early this morning.
" 17 Albert went up and measured Chas. Edwards land this forenoon.
Mar 1 Albert helps cut ice PM on Half-Mile-Pond - DeRyckere's ice house. Make mortgage for Felecia Kaminski to Flora Dixon. Title of Slyvester M. Swezey place closed today.
" 5 Albert starts to work on the Holtsville sanitarium annex.
" 8 C. Edwards & wife sign their deed.
Apr 12 Finished Yaphank Sch. Dist. map AM.
" 13 Chas. Edwards & wife came down and executed deed to Harris.
" 22 Hicks & Craft are spraying orchards. (the old Hutchinson place next door)
May 14 Alice Randall arrives at her home.
" 25 Surveying Fry farm PM. L.E. Ritch with me.
June 1 Thos. begins at Miller Place RR. station
" 8 Shipped a case of eggs.
" 19 Albert at Holtsville is laid off at night.
" 21 Joseph Franklin Davis died today.
July 3 K.K. meeting on J.C.F. farm last night, said to be 500 iniations.
" 4 I am packing eggs and printing.
" 20 Wrote will for DeRyckere this morning before he goes to hospital.
" 26 Work on map of Walters farm.
" 31 Sold case of eggs at Patchogue at 45 cts.
August Albert & Harry Still work on school house.
Aug 3 News of death of President Harding in San Francisco
" 31 Surveyed Sarah M. Howe tract at Pennaquid, A. and Will Still helping.
Sept 5 Heard that Mr. DeRychere died in N.Y. Sept. 1, and was buried in Calvary Cem. yesterday.
" 8 Sent a case of eggs to P.J. by Thos. who sold them for 58 cts. a doz.
" 10 School began, with Miss Carrie B. Fish, teacher.
Oct 12 Thos. is gathering apples from H. & C. orchards. A. begins work on Game farm pulling stumps this PM. I am printing and clearing up election room.
" 13 Registration in election room. I am appointed inspector again for 2 yrs. We register 351.
Register for 1923
Sidney Balance, Coram
Adele, wife (entry confused)
Henry F. Goozda, Yaphank
Tessie A. Goozda, wife
Noah T. Terry, Coram
Adam Kalenawicz, Coram
HermanSchwebes, M.I.
Louisa Schwebes, M.I.
Christian Wittschack, Coram
Meta Wittschack, Coram
Bert Brower, Coram
Eugene F. Gray, M.I.
Frances Gray, "
Beryl Gray, "
Arden R. Benjamin, M.I.
Wm. A. Edwards, M.I.
Edith Edwards, M.I.

Nov 6 Election. I acted on the board of inspectors - 6 AM to 1 AM next morning. 235 votes cast - largest in the history of the election district.
" 12 Ed. Swezey & co. sawed 6 cords wood. Paid him $ 9.
" 17 Craft & Hicks take off several truck loads apples and clear the ranch here for the season.
" 20 Saw great Zepplin (dirigible) move east this morning.
" 27 The Millers are getting ready to go to Florida.
Dec 10 A son was born to Gertrude and Thomas about 7 o'clock this morning. ( That was me - DMB )
Dec 31 T. begins work in Patchogue ticket office. Florence takes a boarder, Mr. Haig sch. teacher in No. 16.

Jan 14 Finished alphabetical scrapbook of war service men.
Jan 19 Finished writing of names of war service men of Brookhaven except Patchogue - 376 names
" 21 Packed up my War history to mail to Albany.
Feb 19 L. & Anna De Ryckere house burned at 9:30 this evening. Snowing at the time.
Mar 1 A. and I put up signs on Harris land - "Farm for Sale".
" 16 Meeting after sermon to elect a pastor. 63 ballots - 61 for Mr. Gray - 2 blank. Yaphank people joined. Largest congregation seen here in many years.
Mar 20 At H. Vogel's surveying north and east lines. Went to measure George Albin's lot PM.
" 22 T. goes to N.Y. Flower Show,
" 26 A. begins on carpentry job at Sayville.
Apr. 1 Primary election - 69 Rep. and 19 Dem. ballots cast.
" 3 Ran auction for L.E. Ritch PM. Thomas clerk. A. goes to Stony Brook and buys Essex car AM.
" 15 T. digs strawberry plants and goes to Patch. AM to ship them to BayShore.
May 1 Dig strawberry plants with T. We dig 4,000.
" 6 Sch. meeting ev'g - elected trustee for 3 yrs. again.
" 7 Fire in woods burns Ch. Mullen barn PM.
" 14 Funeral of Mrs. Frank Still this PM.
" 15 Went to minstrel show at Community House, Coram this ev'g.
" 26 A. and I went to Riverhead this PM as witnesses for Herbert T. Hopkins in naturalization court. With A.'s car - Essex sedan.
June 2 T. starts work Millers Place RR. station.
" 7 A. helps me measure cauliflower land rented to Larry Kaminski.
" 23 Florence, A., and Gertrude go to Patch. to hear Sousa's Band ev'g.
July 1 Walters and Zebrowski complete their land deal.
" 16 Elywn develops whooping cough. Dr. MacIvor calls to see him.
" 26 F., A. and I started 1:40 PM for P.J. E.A.R. (prob, Eliza Ann Randall) joined us there, boat "Park City" across sound, thence up by Newtown and Danbury, Brewster, to Croton Falls - fine day, fine ride.
" 27 After dinner rode to Purdy's, Somers, Hemlock Dam and then start homeward through Brewster, Danbury, Bethel, Redding, Easton, Bridgeport. Took boat "Long Island" 7 PM to P.J. 8:45, home about 9:30 - had a very pleasant trip.
" 29 Klan meeting at Yaphank on Belle Haven Manor.
Aug. 1 F. and A. go to Easthampton to see the historical pageant this PM. Selah Randall died at P.J.
" 4 Went to P.J. to funeral of Selah E. Randall ( 81 yrs. old ) PM. Many friends ( Randall family ) present.
" 7 Papers in transfer John E. Davis to Mrs. Betrice Greerman executed and sent to Clerk's office for record, dated Aug. 1.
" 22 O'Donnell and W. Zebrowski cll ev'g about transfer of former Still place.
" 25 Make deed for Henry Butler and Ellen Butler, date today, their house and lot, to Elizabeth Conlan of Brooklyn.
" 28 harris and (?) and a professor on soils looking over Harris land.
Aug. 31 Peter Wenner died at P.J. Sta.
Sept 4 Went with E.P taking school census.
" 20 W. Zebrowski closed title to Still house.
" 27 F. goes to Mt. Sinai, funeral of Mrs. Eliza R. Randall, widow of John Randall.
Oct 4 Mr. Haig comes to board before supper.
" 9 A. begins work at Radio plant. ( RCA plant in Rocky Point )
" 18 Registration begins at 1 PM in my election room. We work till 11 PM. 419 total registered.
Register - 1924 ( list in back of 1924 )
Julia Lois Muirhead, Coram
Adam Mahler, Yap.
Richard Sezey, M.I.
Beatrice Ritch, M.I.
John Borella, Coram
Dominico Plate, Coram
Felicia Kaminski, M.I.
Herbert T. Hopkins, M.I.
Elberta E. Hopkins, M.I.
Henry Elfers, M.I.
Vernon Boutcher, W. Yap.
Emma Boutcher (his wife)
Edna Tuthill, wife (whose wife?)
Adam Kalenewz
Sophbie Kalenewz, his wife
Mabel Homan
William G. Gehring, Coram
Hazel Gehring
Nov 4 Election brings out 250 votes.
" 8 A. at Radio AM. T. and Haig and I survey Koschara farm. Hicks & Craft move from their house here for the winter. ( the old Hutchinson place next door )
" 14 Edw. Swezey Jr. is shot by Prinzing, hunting, killed almost instantly at Longwood, mistaken for deer.
" 24 Went to Yaphank ev'g with T. to meet teacher, Mrs. Hendrickson who arrived on 7 o'clock train from Syracuse.
" 25-26 Surveying for Sam'l Webber at Yaphank.
Dec 3 Went to Patch. with B. Scesny to close title for Irene Swezey farm. ( Boleslaw and Anna Scesny, listed in diary under "memoranda" as joint tenants )
" 7 Capt. Henry M. Randall died at Port Jeff.
" 8 D. Ferguson calls to inquire about Hicks & Craft farm.
" 27 Ran an auction of household goods at the Game Farm for Herbert T. Hopkins the retiring foreman this PM. T. is clerk. Sold $ 135 worth. My bill $ 13 for all ex. & clk.
" 31 Millers leave for visit friends and Florida.

Jan 3 A. works at Game farm. Frank Depta calls with his friend who is looking for a farm or house.
" 17 Judge Willard Bartlett died i;n Brooklyn.
" 21 T. has a call to attend ticket office at Patchogue this PM. From 2 to 8 o'clock PM.
Feb. 6 A. begins work on T's bedroom.
" 9 Cora Jones died tonight ( Herbert's wife )
" 13 Work on Bartlett map.
" 20- Ed Swezey sawed 9 cords of wood for me. Shipped case of eggs to S.S. & Co.
" 27 Hector McAlister died this morning early.
Mar 2 Mr. & Mrs. Hicks are at the old house - packed a van with goods to Locust Valley.
" 4 We went to Prosser's and heard ( by radio ) the oath administered by Judge Taft to Pres. Coolidge and the inaugural address about 25 minutes long.
" 7 Studying genealogy ( Howell ).
" 16 Ferguson tearing roof off old Hutchinson house.
" 20 T. & G. go to City Flower Show for the day. The Hutchinson house is down flat today.
" 22 Attended funeral of John Johnson at Coram PM.
Apr 4 Surveying for Interman all day.
" 11 Work on Du Val's map of Barrtlett land.
" 12 Members admitted to church: Mrs. & Mrs. Harold Davis, Grace Toder, and Barbara Schwebes.
" 13 A. begins work at Baiting Hollow rotary camp.
" 19 Mrs. Amelia S. Ritch died during last night.
May 9 Surveying for Adam Mahler, Yaphank - L.E.R. with me all day.
June 6 T. makes extra trip to Patch. with berries AM - great demand for them - 25 cts. qt.
" 7 New church members: Mildred & Elsie Brenner, Martha DeRyckere, Everett Pfeiffer, Harry Mirz.
" 22 T. & G. attend commencement exercises at Cen. Moriches school evening, where Marian graduates ( Gertrude's sister )
" 30 Went to take measurements at Chenel's 6 PM with T.
July 28 Sam. Webber & Kazel call and make contract for farm.
" 31 Began surveying for Wm. H. Moffatt near Brentwood.
Aug. 5 T. begins at Patch. ticket office again.
" 8 A. is so lame does not go to work.
" 28 A. is about the same - very lame.
" 31 Surveying for Rovagna this PM. A. remains in bed.
Sep 15 Primary election begins at 12 o'clock. I am an inspector. Reps. have 69 votes.
" 20 Mr. Gray being relieved by Presbytery lst Tuesday, is no longer pastor.
" 28 Went to Ronkonkoma to the Town Rep. Convention. Rode with Jim Ashton, E. Pfeiffer, Mr. Ashton Sr., and Geo. Prosser.
Oct 6 Rovagnas call, execute deed.
" 9 A. sits up a little while.
" 10 Registration in election room. I am one of the board.
70 Register - 1925 ( list is in rear of 1924 diary )

" 11 A. sits in chair by window - first time in 5 weeks.
" 15 Ran an auction for Mrs. Edward Ashline on the Hirsch place at Coram.
" 27 Rec'd word tht Mrs. CatherineElsebough died Oct. 26th.
Nov 3 Election in my room. 276 votes. We get through 12 PM.
" 11 Chas. Dieffenbach and H. Schwebes contract for farm, to close here Feb. 10, 1926.
" 17 T. starts for Florida tonight from Patch.
" 20 G. had telegram from T. that he arrived in Miami this morning.
" 25 Make deed for Weeks to Neuss, sent to Dr. Wm. this PM.
" 26 A. has his clotheson and sits to meals with us, first time in about 3 months.
" 30 Flora Dixon calls PM and signs her will - Gertrude and I witness it.
Dec 2 John Phillips and Willet Hulse died yesterday.
" 8 Went with Pfeiffer locating bounds on Hurtin farm this forenoon.
" 31 Finished Phillip land maps for Yerk and he called for them.

Typical entries for many days include "Desk work and printing"
Jan 2 F.W. Edwards and S.R. Webber made transfer of 24 acre tract with mortgage.
" 6 Dennis Murphy contracts with A. Kahn and Fife.
" 14 Elbert S. Homan died at New Providence, N.J.
" 28 R.F. Randall's old house burns at 7 PM.
Feb 5 Roads are blocked with snow about a foot deep. No vehicle moves on the road here. A team brings the mail to P.O.
" 9 Snow begins evening and continues through the night.
" 10 A howling blast is on this morning with snow falling and drifting. T. starts for Patch. gets there about noon - leaves car at Medford and rides with a bread wagon. No car passes here today.
" 11 One team goes east this PM breaking road.
" 12 Roads are not broken out much. One sled with team passes, breaking road - a few more move on foot - that's all. RR. is opened to Riverhead but east of there is blocked.
" 28 James M. Ashton died last night.
Mar 3 Elbert Petty called PM about real estate - selling his farm to Marion Van Horn and Violet.
" 11 Larry Kaminski's house burned about 9 PM.
" 16 Isabel A. Homan ( w. of Elbert S. ) died at New Providence, N.J.
" 19 Out with surveyors on Bartlett line PM. an hour. They are finishing today.
" 23 ( Richard's 80th birthday ) Have some birthday cards and Thomas's family and D. Ferguson at dinner with us.
" 24 Wm. L. Davis died.
Apr 5 Gertrude attends funeral of her uncle Edw. Hawkins, Patchogue, PM.
" 17 Alice Van Horn died.
" 25 Elbert S. Ruland died.
" 26 Attended funeral of Sarah Van Horn, PM.
May 29 Mrs. Clarissa Davis ( Cherry ) died today.
June 13 Funeral of Frank H. Tuthill PM.
" 24 A. puts in 7 hrs. setting locks on doors on Kaminski house -- first day's work since last August.
July 2 Surveying on Fry farm at the lake. A. and L.E.R. helping.
" 13 Folks had planned a surprise for us on 33rd anniversary of our wedding day.
Aug 15 F. and A. & others visit the wreck at Calverton that occurred Friday 5 PM ( Aug. 13). Derailed train killed 6 and injured many.
" 27 Went to Ridge and bought sanitary toilets of Orville Randall for school.
Sep 1 Conducted an auction at Van Horn's for the heirs of the 4 sisters; Mary C., Sarah, Gertrude and Alice.
Oct 9 Had coal fire going in election room all day. Registration. 423 names.
" 27 Cahn and Fife call to execute papers with Gordon - deed and release.
Nov 2 Election in my room. Voitng machine is used first time.
" 6 Marcus A. Homan died at Yaphank.
" 10 A. begins work at Ronkonkoma.
" 17 Fine day. went to P.J. and had photograph taken by Green.
" 20 Mail copy to R.C. Craft for notice in his directory. ( copy of photograph )
Dec 7 Had my will signed and witnessed.
" 10 Wm. Caroli died suddely.
" 27 A. is at work helping crate furniture for Buell who is moving to Ithaca from the Game Farm.
" 29 Christopher L. Swezey died this PM about 82 yrs. of age.

1927 During winter months most of Richard's days are spent in his office engaged in printing, insurance matters, or desk chores.
Jan 14 T. goes to N.Y. Auto show.
" 29 T. buys a 2nd hand Ford coach.
Feb 1 Cousin Emeline H. hudson died this PM, East Setauket
" 7 Callers: R.O. Randall, O.B Coomes, H. Schwebes, W. Ruland, J. Borella
Mar 6 New church members are Roy Albin and Mr. & Mrs. Jason Randall.
" 27 Went to burial of Kate Hudson PM at Setauket. She died at Setauket Friday ( mar. 25 )
Apr 5 We hear that Daniel Phillips died a few days ago. He lived about Cape Cod.
" 11 Went to see Wm. Zebrowski about sch. house site this AM.
" 22 G. goes to city to see Helen Brown start for South America. ( she was former dist.16 teacher )
" 25 Guy Du Val and Miss Bartlett call about title search on Bartlett real estate below Granny Road.
" 30 Fife & Lewis Gordon call. ( Fife was involved in Gordon Heights development )
May 24 School meeting ev'g. - the appro'n $ 1,500 passed 18 to 14 for new school house.
June 4 Harry & Ethel call late PM. They brought Elbert Petty and Eunice to Swezeytown to stay awhile. ( Ethel was their daughter who married Harry Suttie )
" 14 F. goes to E. Moriches to wedding of Marian Benjamin ( Gertrude's sister ) to Ernest Darrow.
July 15 T. went to city today to learn new system of bookkeeping of Penn. RR.
" 18 T. & fam. & A. start early trip to Southbridge, Mass. by Greenport and New London boat.
" 19 An ambulance comes from city and takes Beatrice ( Ritch ) to hospital.
" 20 Lewis Gordon & Fife call PM. ( see Apr. 30 )
" 26 Sch. meeting ev'g vote on addition to sch. house lost.
" 28 To Riverhead on Lewis Gordon search - finished it.
Aug 17 Mrs. Chenel calls about school house matter. She and E. Pfeiffer call PM and we make arrangement about the use of her school room.
" 24 Henry Fichtner killed in an auto collision at Medford this ev'g or night, 4 o'clock AM Thurs.
Sep 2 Dedication of new school house in Yaphank in the evening.
" 3 Rec'd notice of death of Cousin Adelaid Jayne at Setauket.
" 6 Grace Westbay and Margaret Duane call PM and execute deed.
" 12 School begins with Miss Drapala in the school house with the 4 lower grades. ( She was my teacher two years later when I was in the 1st grade in the new school house )
" 20 Primary election. Rep. contest on Co. Com. brings 107 votes. Marchant 55, Prosser 52.
" 21 Went with Palmer surveying on Walters farm.
" 22 With Palmer on the Fry property all day.
" 23 Desk work and field work the day on Fry land. Out with Walters & Palmer a while PM.
Oct 4 T. & G. start tonight on trip to Niagara Falls.
" 20 T. & G. start on a trip to Maine.
" 21 Had auction at West Yaphank for Frank B. Tuthill this PM. had Logan Dare run the auction and I clerked.
" 22 Registration in election room begins 1 o'clock.
"Register" in rear of 1927/1928 diary

Nov 2 Alice Randall leaves her house for Coram and Florida.
" 8 Election. Vote 285 - largest this district has ever cast.
" 14 T. & G. start for Florida this afternoon. ( Return Nov. 20 )
" 23 Cousin Frances Lee died this afternoon.
Dec 10 T. and family go to Bronx Park the day. ( Dec. 10 is my birthday - DMB )
" 29 Went to Patch. - subpoena before Referee Pelletreau, Island Prop. Inc. vs Dennis Murphy AM. ( I think Island Prop. was Gordon Heights - DMB )
" 31 I am at desk work. Auto registration applications are frequent.

Jan 5 Many trucks are passing, work on the road construction
" 7 I went to P.J. with E.P to close title to G.B. Topping place.
" 16 Road diggers working in front of us. A. & Leon wait an hour to see them take out big trees on south side of road and then they go to Bellport ( to work ).
" 17 Men working on road out front in great activity.
" 25 Called on Chenel school this AM with trustees, to see conditions.
" 27 A. at Bellport but is dismissed. after 10 months in the employ of Armstrong & Piermann. The house is about finished.
Feb 3 Funeral of Thomas J. Smith is held at he church rthis PM.
" 4 Benjamin Hallock died.
" 14 Special school meeting this ev'g votes $ 19,000 school appropriation. 17 yes. 5 no.
" 23 New scheme of operating schools on part time went into operation.
Mar 2 A. begins work for Jones, on his tea room.
" 3 Had TrusteesConference in office, PM. Inglee was present. We placed the matter of preparing plans & specifications of school house in his hands - no architect.
" 16 A. is at work for Jones on tea room - Dutch Oven Inn. ( John Jones was called "Badger" and was Mrs. Ferguson's grandfather who had been living with them )
" 17 School Trustees at my office. Mr. Inglee shows specifications and plans of school house.
Apr 3 Primary election in the election room.
" 5 A. begins work at Shoreham. T. begins gardening, has plowing done by Hewlett Mott.
" 14 T. sets strawberries at Chestnut Pound.
" 16 Opening of bids for new school house at office 11 o'clock. 6 bidders present.
" 17 Trustees meet and award contract PM. at my office.
" 20 Received word of the death of Bertha Lee and of Mrs. Mary Swezey, widow of Willett Swezey.
May 4 Laying concrete on road in front of our house.
" 19 Mrs. Randall comes home from Florida.
" 24 A. at Shoreham. T. goes to work in the Patch. ticket office again.
June 8 Lively work on the road laying concrete past our place. I spent much time watching the work - about 40 men - trucks and machines.
July 3 overtons execute deed to Plates, Dom. & Ida.
" 12 Edw. H. Smith died at Patch. this morning.
Aug 8 Funeral of Mrs. Elizabeth Davis at the church.
" 26 Gilbert M. Benjamin ( Gertrude's father ) and Mrs. Moseley married.
Sep 12 Heard of death of Joseph P. Dowling a day or two since.
" 18 Primary election in my election room. The district has been divided, and Yaphank has a district by itself after this.
Oct 1 School moved into new school house.
" 3 T. & G. start this noon on a trip to Montreal. ( by train )
" 8 A. bought a Graham-Paige car, for bout $ 1,000, brought it home tonight. ( I bought almost the same model, 10 years later, for $ 35 - DMB )
" 13 Registration in the election room. T. and family go to Bronx Park to see the animals.
" 19 Fife and L. Gordon call. ( see Apr. 30, 1927 ) Inez S. Davis died in Bay Shore hospital this morning.
Nov 6 Election. The new district No. 33 gives 133 for Hoover and 60 for Smith.
Dec 15 Lee house on Millers Place road burned tonight.

Jan 1 Trustees arrange with Roy Albin to teach school $ 1,500 next year 40 weeks and do the Janitor work for $ 200.
" 2 I finish tracing map of Harris land.
" 20 We have closed the church for a while, perhaps till April 1st.
" 25 John E. Davis died at his home, Swezeytown, this morning.
Feb 3 Roy Smith's house burns early this morning.
" 6 Jessie E. Mott died yesterday. ( 73 yrs. old )
Mar 8 Wrote description of farm for Kaminski.
" 22 A. begins work building feed house. ( for Thomas's chickens )
Apr 2 Ethel ( Petty/Suttie ) came this moring and got A. to help her clear up in the Edwards house.
" 15 A. is working on the wall of concrete blocks in front. ( This was to protect the large oak tree which he thought was endangered by widening of the state road )
29 A. begins work at North Shore Beach, Rocky Point.
May 26 Congregational meeting votes 20 - for Mr. Stewart to come as stated supply.
June 2 Quiet PM indoors, but cars are running about 600 an hour passing.
" 10 They picked over 500 qts. ( strawberries ) today.
July 8 T. has bought about 450 pullets of Fienberg - delivered today.
" 18 I am studying genealogy.
Aug 3 Funeral of Miss Clara W. Weeks at Yaphank today.
" 9 T. & G. start 6 o'clock this morning for a trip to Norfolk, Va.
" 17 A. is making foundation for poultry house. Has load of lumber come.
" 20 T. & family and G.M. Benjamin and wife start this morning on a trip to the Hopkins home near Mass. line. ( I think that it was Southbridge ) I am looking over books and pamphlets that have been for years stowed away.
Sept 3 School begins, with Roy Albin and Barbara Drapola, teachers. ( I started the 1st grade )
" 7 Thundershower in the evening. One heavy bolt splits a locust tree of 8 inches diameter on Ferguson premises.
" 22 Fire burned E.S. Still Est. barn, carriage house & 2 corn cribs 3:30 o'clock this morning.
Oct 3 Charles H. Edwards died last night.
" 17 A. works on hen house - finishing up. ( for Thomas )
" 19 Attend Registration, 1 to 10 PM. Total votes registered 294.
" 21 Will Still has pneumonia.
" 25 William T. Still died this morning. ( 61 yrs.old )
Nov 5 Attended election as chairman. 183 votes. Chauncy Howard was struck by an auto, and killed in the road, front of election place.
" 8 Auto accident near M. F. Van Horns this evg. - 2 women killed.
" 13 Went to Pennyquid ( northwest part of Coram ) to look at Wittschack land.
" 16 Alice Randall starts for Florida.
" 25 Elbert Petty died in Brooklyn this evening. ( 74 yrs. old )
Dec 7 We had telegraph from T. this morning received last night - from Key West.
" 18 Work on school district history for Mr. Craft's directory.
" 24 Geniveve Furman ( sp.?) died in hospital at Yonkers.

Jan 18 Trustees discuss driveway at sch. house.
" 21 Gordon & Fife call PM. ( Again )
Feb 10 Went to Riverhead to search records Bertha Kaminski. A. and T. with me.
" 12 LER and A. spent the day surveying Kaminski land.
" 15 Wesley Hallock takes deed to 3 acres from Bertha Kaminski.
16 Elizabeth J. Randall died this morning.
Mar 1 Howard Hicks called and agreed to rental of S. M. Swezey house.
" 3 A. started new job at Speonk.
" 4 Burial of Mrs. Willard Ruland in cem. this PM.
" 10 S.M. Swezey house burned about 2 o'clock this morning. I am at desk work reporting the loss.
" 14 F. Overton an Blomfield of Suff. Mutual came to see the fire ruins of Harris house ( formerly S.M. Swezey ). Romanski, detective from Dist. Attorney's office Riverhead called to see about the fire.
Apr 5 Finished drawing map of Lighting District, Middle Island.
" 16 Special Agent Buck called with gold medal from Niagara president and letter calling me one of the " Old Guard".
" 29 Fire starts at Country Road on Harris land about 1 PM, burns north to Sunshine Farms. Hewlett Mott with 4 others in running past the fire was in collision with another car, upset his car into the flames. Vernon Edwards was pinned under the car and burned to death. 4 who were inside the car got out alive.
May 10 T. and boys go to city to see airplane exhibition.
June 15 Mrs. Ferguson has a son born this PM in Mather Hospital.
" 19 Simon Hulse's wife, Amy, died last night suddenly.
" 20 T. and family & Pete & Marian ( Darrow ) start this morning on their New England tour.
Aug 10 Lightning struck in top of oak tree front of our house - shattered concrete some in wall and road bed.
" 18 Made deed Eunice A. Petty to Louise & Anna Lucas - site of Lee dwelling that burned. (Mt.Sinai Road, Coram )
" 19 Mailed Annual Report Dist. # 16 to Town Clerk.
" 25 T. & G. start on trip down St. Lawrence River.
" 28 In the thunder storm lightning struck the J. Jenson house and burned it down.
Sep 12 Dr. Barber calls to see me - taxes me $ 5.00 - takes blood pressure - calls it 160.
" 16 Primary election in our election room. I am chairman of the board. We finished the returns about 11 PM. The voting place is now to be moved to Coram Community House. Alice R. Randall died at Mather Hospital this AM.
Oct 1 Mrs. Kate Ritch, wife of L.E.R. died.
" 7 The election room is cleared - voting macine & traps are moved to Community House, Coram. A zeppelin air ship passed overhead, westward about 4 o'clock PM.

"Last entry by Richard M. Bayles" is written by Albert at bottom of page
On next page he writes "From here on, notes will be written by Albert E. Bayles, son of Richard M. Bayles"

Nov 1 Last day Pa sat up. He talked quite a lot, AM about his singing days, etc.
" 3 Pa in bed very weak.
" 4 Election Day. Pa passed away tonight at 11:07 PM. He just slept away.


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