July 3, 1890

July 3, 1890

JULY 3, 1890


Strawberries are a thing of the past. Do you feel sorry?

Frank W.McCreary & wife are visiting at his father's.

The strawberry festival of the Presbyterian church netted $30.

Our roads need improving. A road-machine is necessary.

Mrs. Samuel Smith is visiting her sick friend at Greenport.

Frederick Raynor, who has been fishing has returned home.

Don't forget the Lawn Party.

C.H. Marvin has completed a handsome waggonette for D. W. Sherry of Stony Brook.

N. B. Notice of Yaphank library in another column next page.

Samuel Darrow is delivering fresh vegetables. Give him your order and you will be satisfied.

Improvements have been made at Mrs. E. W. Abbott's.

Mr. S.W. Higgins has completed the U.S.Census.

D. T. Homan and F. P. Marchant are expected home tonight.

On Tuesday the thermometer registered 101 in the shade.

A new Cooley Creamer has arrived at the Walnut Farm Dairy.

Large & fine crops of hay are being gathered in this vicinity.

N.B. The Young people of Yaphank have received donations to procure $30 worth of fireworks.

The Supervisors of Brookhaven will meet with the Assessors at the town clerk's office on Monday July 7th to make out a new jury list.

Trains for New York leave Yaphank 7:19 A.M. 2:50 and 8:46 P.M. Arrive here from New York 11:03 A.M. and 6:45 P.M.

Miss Nettie Homan who has been teaching in the city came home this week.

Jane Hulse is expected at R.S. Homan's July 4th.

Come see the fireworks and get a plate of cream.

Miss Kate Gerard came home from school last week.

R. Davis says he licensed 850 dogs in 1890 in our town.

Born---A son to E. Randall.

The average temperature for June is as follows: 8 A.M. 75 7/8
12 M 80 1/3
3 P.M. 77

Boarding and Livery Stables.
Horses to let at reasonable prices. Carting and trucking attended to with dispatch. Stages for picnic parties furnished at short notice.

"The Yaphank Courier" is a weekly to be issued until Sept. 1st for 10 cts. or 1 ct. a copy. Items of interest solicited. For terms of advertisements and local job printing
Address W. L. Denton
P.O. Box 90,Yaphank, N.Y.
Advertisements should be sent in by Monday noon. We still have space for more advertisements.



The Yaphank Library is now open at Roswell Davis's store and contains 375 well selected, popular books.

Strangers are cordially invited to call at any time and examine them and by paying $1 a year any one can become a member of the Association and enjoy the full use of the books.

This space reserved for

1776 FIREWORKS!!!! 1890


The young people of Yaphank will celebrate July 4th with FIREWORKS in the evening followed by a lawn party on Oak Villa Lawn near the Presbyterian Church Yaphank. Ice cream will be
If showery in the basement of the church. If stormy the next fair night. Fireworks begin at 8 P.M..

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