Sept 4, 1890

September 4, 1890

SEPTEMBER 4, 1890 NO. 14

THE YAPHANK COURIER is issued at the office of the Courier, Yaphank, N.Y. from June 1st to Sept. 1st weekly for 10 cts. from Sept. 1st to June 1st monthly for 10 cts. or 20 cts. per annum or 1 ct. a copy. W. L. Denton, Editor & Proprietor Copies of the Yaphank Courier for sale at the Post Office, Yaphank.


Young as well as old editors enjoy an outing so bidding goodbye to our weekly we depart to take on a portion of New York city with friends from Missouri. We visited hastily in one day the American Art Association, Eden , New York Post Office, Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park and Erie Depot.

After a night's rest we take the Albany day boat going as far as Newburg. The class of '92 at West Point each with torn hats reported this day for duty. We then visited Washington's headquarters and returned by the beautiful Hudson river boat route which always has it attractions. Next day bidding farewell to our Jamaica friends we returned to old Yaphank and now take up our Monthly editorial pen after an enjoyable trip.

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Miss Nettie Homan returned to Brooklyn Friday to teach.

R. E. Hammond is painting Mrs. Harriet Smith's house.

The Presbytery of Long Island meets at Sag Harbor September 23rd at 7:30 P.M.

W.W. Norton of Mass. visited Mrs. S. F. Norton this week.

Mrs. Tunis Whitbeck is quite sick with dysentery.

Katie Gerard went to Patchogue public school Monday.

Friends from New York and Sag Harbor have been visiting J. A. Baker at the County House.

Mr. Thos. A. Miller and wife have returned from Maine.

Mr. and Mrs. Ladd have been at Miss E.W. Abbott's.

Dr. Walter's family return to Brooklyn soon.

Miss Mary Miller went to her school at Northport Saturday.

The family of J. Oasler returned to New York this week.

The average temperature at Yaphank for the month of Aug. is as follows: 8 A.M. 76 1/2
12M 81
3P.M. 77 1/2

The Yaphank Courier is to be issued as a monthly on the first Thursday of every month until June 1st 1891. Price 10 cts. in advance. It is devoted to the social, intellectual and moral growth and prosperity of Yaphank. Items of interest solicited. Wants inserted a 1 ct. a word. Advertisements should be sent in by the 25th of each month to secure insertion in the next issue. Orders for local job printing received. For terms: Address W. L. Denton, P.O. Box 90, Yaphank, N.Y.

Let us know if you fail to receive the Courier.


Gilt-edge Butter a specialty. Made by the Cooley Creamer process from the milk of pure-bred and registered Jersey Cows. DR. G. H. SWEZEY, PROPRIETOR.

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