November 6, 1890

November 6, 1890

NOVEMBER 6, 1890 NO. 16.

THE YAPHANK COURIER is issued at the office of the Courier, Yaphank, N.Y. from June 1st to Sept. 1st weekly for 10 cts. from Sept. 1st to June 1st monthly for 10 cts. or 20 cts. per annum or 1 ct. a copy. W. L. Denton, Editor & Proprietor Copies of the Yaphank Courier for sale at the Post Office, Yaphank.

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A beautiful meteor was seen here on the evening of Oct. 10th.

The Suffolk County Sabbath School Convention met at Moriches on Oct. 14 & 15. The delegates from Yaphank were: R. Davis, Mrs. T.P. Warren, R. S. Homan, Misses C. R. McCreary, A. B. Denton, P. C. Swezey, B. Davis, and Rev. J. M. Denton.

The report they gave of it the following Sabbath evening was very interesting to the people here.

The first heavy frost visited this place Oct. 22. The first ice on Oct. 31 was 1/4 in. thick and the thermometer registered 28 deg.

On Thursday, Oct. 9 one of Yaphank's oldest and most esteemed citizens passed away after an illness of about three years. He was born at Middle Island Aug. 24, 1815. His life has been a very active one but he always found time to attend to his Master's service. It was a pleasure for him to be doing good as he had opportunity. He was confined to his bed for only ten days and then quietly fell asleep in Jesus. His funeral was largely attended at the Presbyterian Church on October 13.

Dr. Chas. Miller and wife have been visiting Dr. Swezey's.

Mr. W. L. Denton of Jamaica L. I. Paid a visit at Oak Villa parsonage October 7th.

Mrs. G. H. Swezey and her children paid a visit in the city Oct. 16. They returned on the 22.

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The average temperature at Yaphank for the month of Oct. is as follows: 8 A.M. 54
12M 66
3 P.M. 57 1/8

The Yaphank Courier is to be issued as a monthly on the first Thursday of every month until June 1st 1891. Price 10 cts. in advance. It is devoted to the social, intellectual and moral growth and prosperity of Yaphank. Items of interest solicited. Wants inserted a 1 ct. a word. Advertisements should be sent in by the 25th of each month to secure insertion in the next issue. Orders for local job printing received. For terms: Address W. L. Denton, P.O. Box 90, Yaphank, N.Y.

Subscribers will let us know if they fail to receive the Courier.


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The following is a list of the prizes taken by the citizens of Yaphank at the Suffolk County Fair at Riverhead this fall:
W. J. Weeks cranberries 1st & 2nd
grapes 2nd
J. E. Lawles leaves 1st
J. H. Lawles pearl buttons 1st
S. A. Weeks plain cake 1st
C. W. Weeks sponge cake 1st
cream cake 1st
crayon portrait 2nd
leaves 2nd
E. E. Homan brown leghorns 1st
black leghorns 1st
J. Dominy common geese 2nd
F. W. Edwards rye 1st
white beans 1st
potatoes 1st
corn 2nd
oats 2nd

The annual meeting of the Yaphank Library Association was held at the library on Oct. 21st. at 3 P.M. Dr. C. A. Baker was called to the chair and Miss K. Floyd appointed secretary. The officers elected were: President Rev. J. M. Denton, Vice-Pres. N. Overton, Secty. Miss K. Floyd, Tres. Miss C. W. Weeks, Librarian Roswell Davis.

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