July 2, 1891

July 2, 1891

THURSDAY, JULY 2, 1891 NO. 27

Mr. D. T. Homan returned to business on June 24. He is expected home on the Fourth.

The L. I. R. R. changed its time table last Saturday. Trains leave for New York 7:32 A.M. and 3:44 P.M. Arrive from New York 10:49 A.M. and 6:36 P.M.

Rev. J. M. Denton, with is wife and daughter, Lizzie, left for Jamaica on Tuesday morning. He expects to return on tomorrow evening.

The Young People's Society of Christian Endeavor will hold a social entertainment in the basement of the Presbyterian Church on Thursday evening, July 9. Admission free. After the entertainment cake, lemonade, and ice cream will be for sale. If the evening is stormy it will be continued on the next. Proceeds will be donated for the improvements on the manse.

Mr. G. A. Bowen and daughter, of New Bedford, Mass, are visiting Miss. E. W. Abbott.

Miss Ansinetta Homan returns to Yaphank for the summer vacation tomorrow.

Miss Katie L. Gerard, of this place, returned from the Patchogue public school June 26.

Dr. C. A. Walters lost a horse on Friday last.

Miss Hattie Davis has been visiting friends in Port Jefferson.

One hundred fifteen years ago next Saturday the Declaration of Independence was signed.

Postmaster Roswell Davis has sold several lock boxes.

Boarding and Livery Stables.
Horses to let at reasonable prices. Carting and trucking attended to with dispatch. Stages for picnic parties furnished at short notice.

Gilt-edge Butter a specialty. Made by the Cooley Creamer process from the milk of pure-bred and registered Jersey Cows. DR. G. SWEZEY, PROPRIETOR.

Yaphank, L. I.
Services on Sabbath:---
Sabbath School at 10 A.M
Preaching at 11 A.M. & 7:45 P.M. Y.P. S. C. E. Service 7:15 P.M.
Prayer meeting on Wednesday evening at 7:45 All are invited. James M. Denton, Pastor.

Complete for stamping Key Rings
For sale or exchange cheap.
P.O. Box 44, Yaphank, L. I.

Repaired and Covered.
Cleaned and Repaired.
Terms reasonable.

I do not believe it does any good to advertise how cheap one is selling goods. No matter how brilliant one waxeth, it is the price that does the business. The Courier, I am sorry to say, is pretty small to make much of a "spread" in, but I will give you a few prices in it.
Come and see for yourself.
Best Granulated Sugar 5 cts. per lb. Boys Pants 50 cts. per pair
Best Granulated Sugar 50 lbs. 4 3/4cts. Boys Suits $2.25
Best Granulated Sugar 1 bbl. 4 1/2cts. Boys Suits $2.62
Boys nice 3 piece suits, all wool, $5
We have just received another large lot of shoes, and here are a few of the prices. Compare them with what you have paid.
Childs button shoes 35 cts. Ladies "Adele" Opera $2
Childs spring heel 5-8 50 cts Ladies"Aldine" Opera $2.50
The "Astonisher" 60 cts Ladies Congress Gaiters 65 cts
Spring heel, 10,11.&9 75 cts Mens Heavy shoes $1
Misses 11 to 2 $1 Mens carpet slippers 50 cts
Heavy school shoe $1.25 Mens low canvas 65 cts
Ladies goat button $1 Mens high canvas 90 cts
Ladies goat heavy $1.25 Mens Jas. Mean's shoes $3
Ladies Oxford slippers $1 Boys Jas. Mean's shoes $2
We have lots of other shoes, come and see them. I do not think you can match them and the price anywhere else.
A good Ladies undervest 2 for 25 cts Corsets the "Beauty" 25 cts
A very fine one 1 for 25 cts The "Beaux Ideal" 50 cts
The only genuine Loomers steam moulded Corseta, $1
We have not got as much Hamburg Edging as we had, but we have yet the best assortment ever shown near here. The prices are from 3 cts a yard up. We are selling it so cheap that it is going very rapidly. If you cannot get in to see it I will send samples to anyone who will indicate the price they wish. Very Respectfully, ROSWELL DAVIS

For Sale at the Post Office, Yaphank on July 4th

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